TrueIDC Chromebook

True IDC Chromebook is a new and interesting device with many attributes from Google for your using in all requirements such as learning, playing and working, all functions in one. Let’s know more about your new friend!

About Chromebook

If you are looking for a new type of device that easy-to-use, True IDC Chromebook matches all your desire for either learn, work or play. It starts in seconds, always backups your data in cloud, and have long lasting battery with more than 10 hours continuous using. It has built-in virus protection that always updated, so make sure that your information will be more secure. Moreover, you can download more than thousand apps through Web Store.
High Security
True IDC Chromebook has built-in virus protection which always updated automatically. You will have the newest Virus Protection system and updated versions for all functions.
Personal sharing
You are able to share Chromebook conveniently by using your Google account. You will have no worry that other people will get into your personal information.
Ready to use
Chromebook starts in seconds and it always be ready to use once you log-in through your Google Account. Also, with the long-life battery, you do not have to bring the charger anymore.
Perfectly working with smartphone
This is a system in dream of many people because Chromebook can sync with smartphone and android tablet from anywhere, by logging-in the same Google account.
Chromebook can do everything, both playing and working
True IDC Chromebook will be your best assistant, no matter working by using Maps, Docs, online or offline. Furthermore, you can download applications and games easily from Chrome web Store.
Interesting applications


Email service from Google which is fast, has a smart search by using keywords and less spam.

Google Docs, Sheet, Slide

Create, edit, and share files, sheets and presentation.

Google Classroom

A suite of free productivity tools for classroom collaboration. Classroom is a new tool in Google apps for Education, which assist teacher save time, keep classes organized, and improve communication with students.

Google Hangouts

Sharing file, free voice call, chatting and hanging out with maximum 10 members.

Google Drive

For Chromebook, you will have a 200MB drive for keeping your information free for 2 years. You can keep all stuffs and access from anywhere.

Chrome Remote Desktop

Get into other computers or authorize other users to get into your computer safely via internet.

Google Map

Searching information about local business, direction, and images of all roads in the world by using Google Map.

Chrome Web Store

Chrome Web Store offers various applications for you to download. You can select from types of applications or from top ranking by users. More details
Why True IDC Chromebook?
If you are the one who need a computer for learning, working or playing internet like visit website, listen to music, watch movies, chat online, share photos on social media but you do not want to pay much expensive to buy a computer for those functions, Chromebook is the best solution due to the price less than 10,000THB together with all attributes and functions. It can be worked online and offline. Moreover, it can be used for all day long with no charge. If you love worthiness, you will absolutely love Chromebook.
Why True IDC Chromebook?

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